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Everything you need for your community of neighbours, farm or residence.
At Grupo Escribano, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for residential buildings, as well as thorough cleaning and gardening services with specific solutions for each environment or surface. We take from the daily management of incidents (breakdowns, leaks, leaks, etc.) to the periodic schedule of revision and adaptation of all the construction elements and installations of the flats, collaborating closely with the industrialists already hired by the community (for example, for elevators, air conditioning installations, etc.). We carry out meticulous work, always with the guarantee and quality of our services that characterizes us.

If you want to find the best team for the comprehensive maintenance of neighbourhood communities in Mallorca, at Grupo Escribano we are at your entire disposal to help you in everything that is in our hands. Trust a highly specialized company with more than two decades of experience behind it. How can we help you? We have a multidisciplinary team. For this reason, we are available to assist you in the care of gardens, the solution of breakdowns or leaks or the care of facades in Mallorca. All our work is meticulous, guaranteeing the highest quality of the service that we bring you. Thanks to all the time we have at your disposal, at Grupo Escribano we have become one of the best renovation companies in Mallorca. We will help you with everything you need, we will solve any questions you may have, and we will provide you with totally personalized advice to your specific case. Tell us, what do you need?

Comprehensive maintenancel

Comprehensive maintenance for your house, farm or community of neighbours.

Cleaning and gardening

Comprehensive cleaning, gardening and maintenance of green areas.