Electrical installations, air conditioning and telecommunications

Today we already have among us home automation, refrigeration and automation. If you need any repair or new installation of plumbing or electricity we can help you, since we have a maintenance service for the facilities or execution of new ones. Contact us and request a free estimate without obligation.

Installations in houses in Mallorca

If you need to carry out installations in houses in Mallorca, count on the professionals of Grupo Escribano. For more than two decades, we have been specialists in all types of interventions in buildings and facades, no matter if they involve rehabilitation, repair or new equipment tasks. With customer satisfaction always as the starting point of all our work, we take care of bringing any construction, architecture and engineering project to reality.

Air conditioning systems, water distribution, electricity... Leave in our hands all the essential elements of the installations in homes and houses in Mallorca that you need. Our professionals will address them within the stipulated deadlines and with all the guarantees of quality, customization and satisfaction.

Get in touch with us, tell us what necessary equipment you need for your new home or which ones you should review and replace, and you will not have to worry about anything else. We also carry out waterproofing in homes and houses in Mallorca, in case you want to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the building. Should we talk?

·Sanitary water installation
·Water evacuation installation
·Search for leaks
·New facilities
·Electrical repairs
·Installation of door openers
·Air conditioning installation


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