Solutions to waterproof, seal and isolate

The protection of a home against water is essential to maintain a high level of habitability, both protection from rainwater and environmental humidity or the ground is vital to keep our homes well isolated from water. At Grupo Escribano, we can help you with any type of moisture or filtration, our technical advisor will inspect your home and give you the best solution to any humidity problem, whether it is caused due to filtration, capillarity or condensation.

Waterproofing in houses in Mallorca

Waterproofing in houses in Mallorca is the order of the day. Therefore, if the one in your building begins to show failures and problems of humidity and leaks are part of the daily routine, it is time to contact the professionals of the Escribano Group. Among all the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance services in which we have specialized, those related to insulation against water and humidity are one of our star products.

Ensuring waterproofing in Mallorca is essential to allow a minimum level of habitability. Therefore, those who do not have to worry about it when building new construction have to do so to satisfactorily overcome the revisions and maintenance work of their already veteran residence. In one way or another, it is best to have the support and experience of professionals such as Grupo Escribano. Both for these waterproofing tasks and installations in homes and houses in Mallorca.

·Filtration moisture
·Capillarity moisture
·Humidity due to condensation

·Waterproofing of terraces
·Waterproofing of swimming pools and cisterns
·Waterproofing of elevator shafts


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